Group Data Type

A group that has been defined in vCommander

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
groupType GroupType element 0/1 The type of group; can be any of the values found in WSGroupType
permanent string element 0/1 Whether this group can be deleted; permanent groups cannot be deleted.
Properties inherited from Attribute
allowedValues list of AttributeEnumValue element 0/unbounded The collection of allowed values for this attribute.
costItems list of AttributeCostItem element 0/unbounded the costItems
description string element 0/1 A description of the custom attribute.
enumerated string element 0/1 true if the attribute is enumerated, false otherwise
name string element 0/1 The name of the custom attribute.
parentId long element 0/1 the parentId
parentName string element 0/1 the parentName
portalEditable string element 0/1 Checks if is portal editable.
regularExpression string element 0/1 the regular expression
subList string element 0/1 true if the attribute is a sub-list false otherwise
targetManagedObjectTypes list of ManagedObjectType element 0/unbounded The managed object types that this attribute can be applied to.
validationMessage string element 0/1 the validation message
Properties inherited from ManagedObjectReference
displayName string element 0/1 Gets the display name.
id long element 1/1 The unique id of the managed object this refers to.
type ManagedObjectType element 0/1 The type of managed object this refers to.
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1