PlacementAttributeBase Data Type

Properties common to both placement attributes and sublist placement attributes. By identifying the capabilities of each deployment destination and the requirements of a service, placement attributes help ensure that service requests are deployed to the best destination. For example, placement attributes can help vCommander decide whether to deploy to public or private cloud, or which datacenter or geographic region is best suited to a service.

Abstract Type
PlacementAttribute, SublistPlacementAttribute
name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
description string element 0/1 descriptive text for the attribute. This description is optional. However, if you use this field, the details that you enter here are displayed when a user selects a attribute name.
id long element 0/1 the id of this placement attribute
isEditableInPortal string element 0/1 whether a user is allowed to change the value of the attribute in the Service Portal.
name string element 0/1 the name that appears for users to select when they apply an attribute to an infrastructure element, or for administrators to select when adding attributes to a request form
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1  


This data type is abstract. The example below may be incomplete. More accurate examples can be found in subtypes pages.
<PlacementAttributeBase xsitype="...">