RequestFormDestinationElement Data Type

The Destination element of a service request form. Setting the Mandatory property forces a destination to be chosen or the request will fail; if it is not set, the system will decide which is the most suitable destination.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
limitSelections string element 0/1 Has the option to limit Resource types to those in the selected destination been set? Network Zones and Datastore Tiers will be limited to those supported by the selected destination if this option is set.
Properties inherited from RequestFormElement
formType FormElementType element 0/1 Gets the form type.
label string element 0/1 Gets the label.
mandatory string element 0/1 Checks if is mandatory.
value string element 0/1 Gets the value.
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1  


<RequestFormDestinationElement xsitype="...">