ReservedQuota Data Type

Represents quota that has been reserved for a particular organization or organization member in context of a service request (new service or change request).

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
cost long element 1/1 Cost reservation (cost quotas only, will be 0 for resource quotas)
cpu long element 1/1 Number of reserved CPUs
id long element 1/1 ID of the reservation - can be used to clear the quota reservation if it's erroneous
memoryMB long element 1/1 Amount of memory reserved, in MB
organization ManagedObjectReference element 0/1 Reference to the organization that quota reservation is associated with
ownerLoginId string element 0/1 Login ID that quota is associated with - either primary owner as specified on the request form, or submitter of request if no owner was specified
perTierStorage list of ReservedTierQuota element 0/unbounded Amount of storage reserved on each tier, in bytes
requestId long element 1/1 ID of the request that quota is associated with
storageBytes long element 1/1 Total amount of storage reserved, in bytes


  <organization xsitype="...">