SMTPConfiguration Data Type

SMTP Configuration for REST webservices. NB: At time of original writing, this was only exposed via the internal REST API, for purposes of getting an integration test working. As such, it only has the bar minimum of data members. If this is exposed in the public API need to add the other properties in the facade's SMTPConfiguration.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
from string element 0/1 the from
host string element 0/1 the host
id int element 1/1 the id
password string element 0/1 the password for the SMTP server
useTls string element 0/1 Flag to indicate if TLS is used
user string element 0/1 the user for the smtp server
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1  


<SMTPConfiguration xsitype="...">