VirtualMachineDisk Data Type

A virtual disk drive attached to a VM.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
datastore ManagedObjectReference element 0/1 A reference to the datastore that contains the file(s) backing this disk.
diskMode string element 0/1 The mode that the disk is operating in; e.g. persistent.
diskType VirtualMachineDiskType element 0/1 The type of virtual disk.
fileName string element 0/1 The name of vmdk file on the datastore, if applicable; this includes the datastore name, the path to the vmdk, and the vmdk filename.
iops int element 0/1 The IOPS value. IOPS has a value when the disk type is Provisioned IOPS. Used for AWS Disks only.
size long element 0/1 The size of the virtual disk, in KB.
Properties inherited from VirtualMachineDevice
connected string element 0/1 Checks if is connected.
id long element 1/1 The unique id for the virtual machine device.
key int element 0/1 A unique id for the device that distinguishes this device from other devices in the same virtual machine.
label string element 0/1 A human-readable label that describes the device; e.g. "Network Adapter 1" or "CD/DVD Drive 2"
startConnected boolean element 0/1 Checks if is start connected.
summary string element 0/1 Gets the summary.
uuid string element 0/1 Gets the uuid.
vmId long element 1/1 The unique id of the virtual machine that owns this virtual machine device.
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1  


<w----- xsitype="...">
  <datastore xsitype="...">