WorkflowVirtualNetworkStepDefinition Data Type

The Class WSWorkflowStepDefinition.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
action WorkflowVirtualNetworkAction element 0/1 Action to take
adapter int element 0/1 Which adapter to act on, -1 for all adapters
adapterType NetworkAdapterType element 0/1 Type of adapter to create
connectAtPowerOn string element 0/1 Connect the adapter at power on
connected string element 0/1 Connect the adapter (if VM is running)
networkId long element 0/1 ID of the network, used with source == LIST
networkZoneName string element 0/1 The name of the network zone, used with source == ZONE
source WorkflowVirtualNetworkSource element 0/1 Where to obtain the network from
Properties inherited from WorkflowStepDefinition
condition string element 0/1 Gets the condition.
domainCredential ManagedObjectReference element 0/1 Gets the domain credential.
guestOSCredential ManagedObjectReference element 0/1 The credential used to access the Guest OS.
id long element 1/1 Gets the id.
name string element 0/1 Gets the name.
stepNumber int element 1/1 The order in which this step executes. Starts at zero.
type WorkflowStepType element 0/1 Gets the type.
workflowDefinitionId long element 1/1 The workflow definition Id. Not needed when creating step for the first time.
Properties inherited from supportTemplating
xsitype string attribute 0/1  


<WorkflowVirtualNetworkStepDefinition xsitype="...">