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Status tab

The information on the Status tab shows the status for the system. The information is displayed in graphs, a Services widget, and an event log.

The graphs show:

  • The total number of online devices during the last five minutes.

  • The processor or memory load during the last five minutes.

  • The number of operations per second during the last five minutes.

The Services widget displays status summaries of the back end servers, the gateway servers, and the messaging servers. To open the Server tab and to show detailed information about the service, double click the service.

The event log shows basic information about the events in the system.


Server tab

To open the Server tab to view server logs:

  • In the Services widget on the Status tab, double-click a server icon.

The Server tab shows more detailed information about the status of the server. The information is displayed in the Server and services list, the Tools and agents list, and the server event log.


Server and services list

The Server and Services list shows detailed information about the services. To view log files and to restart a gateway or messaging service, double-click the service.

Tools and agents list

The Tools and agents list shows the clients and users connected to the system.

To view log files for Snow Cloud Extender and to reconnect the agent to Snow Device Manager, double-click the icon for Snow Cloud Extender. Note that there are only limited functions available for the other tools and agents.

Server event log

The bottom panel of the Server tab shows the server event log. The information of the server event log is displayed on two tabs; the Events tab and the Log tab.

The log on the Events tab shows important events from the event log on the Status tab. The log is filtered and only specific events for the server are shown.

On the Log tab, the follow options are available:

  • Enable and disable the log flow.

  • Enable and disable the Info level of the log details.

  • Enable and disable the Debug level of the log details.


    It is recommended to use the option Debug for troubleshooting only.