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Configure devices with Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator can be used, as an alternative to the Device Enrollment Program, to configure Apple devices. In Apple Configurator, the devices are prepared and enrolled in an MDM solution, for example Snow Device Manager, before they are distributed to the users.

For more information about Apple Configurator, see

To set up Apple Configurator integration with Snow Device Manager and enroll a device:

  1. Import the devices to your company's Snow Device Manager domain.


    The import file must include the serial numbers of the devices.

  2. In Apple Configurator, create and configure a new Blueprint.

    1. Prepare the devices for manual configuration.

    2. Define the MDM Server, that is, set Name and Hostname or URL for the Snow Mobile Information Server your company is using. 

  3. Connect a device via USB to the Apple Configurator and configure the device.

    The device will be factory reset and a profile will be installed on the devices.