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Configure authentication

Set up a user or service account with SQL Server authentication or Windows authentication according to the respective method below.

Configure user settings in SQL Server

  1. On the machine that hosts the SCCM database, open MS SQL Server with an administrator account.

  2. Expand Security and then Logins.

  3. Open the properties for the relevant user account.

  4. On the General tab, verify that the Default database is set to the relevant SCCM database instance.

  5. On the Server Roles tab, verify that Public is selected.

  6. On the User Mapping tab:

    1. In Users mapped to this login, verify that the relevant SCCM database is selected.

    2. In Database role membership for, verify that db_datareader and public is selected.

  7. On the Securables tab and in the Permissions section for the relevant SCCM database instance, enable Grant for Connect SQL.

  8. On the Status tab:

    1. Verify that Permission to connect to database engine is set to Grant.

    2. Verify that Login is set to Enabled.

Use Windows authentication

When a user account with Windows authentication is to be used for the aggregation of data from SCCM, enable the Use integrated security option while configuring the connector.

On the machine where Snow Integration Manager is installed:

  1. Launch Windows Services.

  2. Verify that the Snow Integration Manager service account is granted the required permissions on the relevant SCCM database, or change the Snow Integration Manager service account to the desired Windows account.

  3. Restart the Snow Integration Manager services.