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Configure the BMC Discovery connector

The Snow Integration Connector for BMC Discovery is configured in the Snow Integration Manager (SIM). For more information on SIM, refer to Snow Integration Manager. The BMC Discovery connector uses an API connection.


A supported version of BMC Discovery or with the REST API enabled is required. Refer to the Compatibility matrix for versions supported by the Snow Integration Connector for BMC Discovery.

A user account in BMC Discovery with API access (API-access permission group) and the user's API key is required.

For details on how to create an API Access user and how to generate an API key for BMC Discovery, refer to:

Set up the Data connection

  1. In the Server, enter the server URL.

    Example 19.

  2. Enter an API key for your server.

  3. To verify the connection, select Test connection.

  4. In the Initial aggregation length, select the number of months for the initial aggregation of inventory data.

  5. To reset an ongoing incremental aggregation, select Clear Last Aggregation Date.

  6. Optional: Enter a site Id for this connector.

Set up the Filtering

Filtering can be done in two ways:

  • by defining filter criteria based on predefined attributes or custom attributes of the host, or

  • by using one of the access methods that BMC Discovery uses for scanning the host, for example, ssh, Windows, and SNMP.

For a list of attributes that can be used, see Attribute names.

  1. To create a filter based on attributes:

    1. Define a filter criterion using the Attribute, Operator, and Value.

    2. To add the defined criterion to the filter, select Add. Multiple filter criteria can be added using the AND or OR operators

    3. To remove a defined criterion from the filter, select the respective criterion and then select Remove.

    4. To test the filter and check the result, select Preview.

    To see what an attribute filter and a preview result can look like, see the example in Attribute names.


    When you apply a filter, devices older than the number of months selected in Initial aggregation length (months) of the Data connection tab are excluded from the preview result.

  2. To create a filter based on access method:

    1. In the Access method select an access method type.

      The list of available access methods is created based on the information from BMC Discovery.

    2. To test the filter and check the result, select Preview.

  3. To include information on software packages, select Include Packages.


    Due to limitations in BMC Discovery Software Library, the connector supports the extraction of BMC Discovery packages, which contain the raw data about the installed software to produce an enriched inventory result.

  4. To include the Oracle data present in BMC Discovery, select Include Oracle Database Technology information.