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Configurations view

The Configurations page lists all configurations that have been identified on the inventoried devices. The Published column reflects if the configuration has been created and deployed via the Admin Console (Yes) or not (No).

When a new (or updated) configuration is saved and deployed, it is sent as a one-time job to all computers with that configuration that are known at that particular point in time. To have the configuration sent to any new computers that might show up later on, create an agent update instead and add the configuration file as a support file.

Agent configuration templates for all platforms are provided via the Snow Update Service (SUS). They are downloaded to the Snow Inventory Master Server by the SUS client and, by default, put in the folder:

%ProgramData%\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Resources\Agent Configuration Templates


The following commands are available on the Configurations page:




Export the information as it is displayed in the Configurations view. Any grouping or sorting will apply.


Show (or hide) the search box


Refresh the content of the view

Show details

View details of a selected configuration

Create new

Create a new configuration


Edit a selected configuration


Copy a selected configuration, and save it with another name


Delete a selected configuration

Export to file

Export a selected configuration to file

Import from file

Import a configuration from file

Configuration details

To see details of a specific configuration, double-click the configuration or select the configuration in the list and then click Show details.

A summary is displayed in the main window, and a container for the configuration is added under Configurations in the category structure.