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Create a Standalone Receiver instance

An Inventory Server with the Standalone Receiver role gathers inventory data from agents and any SIM connectors, but instead of sending it forward to the Master Server, either directly or via the next Service Gateway in line, it keeps and stores the data.


  • A Standalone Receiver can only receive data from Inventory agents and SIM connectors. It cannot communicate with the Master Server or any Service Gateways in the Snow Inventory infrastructure.

  • As the Master Server is not aware of its own existence, the Standalone Receiver is not visible in the Snow Inventory Admin Console.

  • Updates of the Standalone Receiver and the agents reporting to it must be performed manually.

To install a Standalone Receiver:

  1. Start Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager (run snowserverconfig.exe).

  2. On the Welcome page of the Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager, select Create Service Gateway.

  3. Select Standalone Receiver.

  4. In the HTTPS Bindings step:

    • For HTTPS (recommended):

      Select an existing server certificate in the list. Select Network interface, and type a Port and a DNS name that will be used for accessing this Snow Inventory server.

    • For HTTP:

      Type a Port and a DNS name that will be used for accessing this Snow Inventory server.

  5. Select Next.

  6. In the Server Settings step, enter the path to the Incoming folder where all inventory files will be received by the Standalone Receiver, or select Browse.jpg to browse for the folder.

  7. Select Next.

  8. A Summary of the configuration is presented.

  9. To create the Standalone Receiver instance according to the specified configuration, select Create.

  10. To return to a previous page and make changes, select WhiteButtonArrowLeft.jpg

During the installation, the StandaloneReceiver element of the configuration file is created and configured, where:

  • IncomingFolder is the location where the inventory data will be stored, either in a local folder or on a file share.

  • BaseAddress is the default endpoint address (including the port number) where the Standalone Receiver will receive data.

Example 1.