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Create a Service Gateway instance

  1. Start Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager (run snowserverconfig.exe).

  2. On the Welcome page of the Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager, select Create Service Gateway.

  3. In the HTTP Bindings step:

    • For HTTPS (recommended)

      Select an existing server certificate in the list. Select Network interface, and enter a Port and a DNS name that will be used for accessing this Snow Inventory server.

    • For HTTP

      Enter a Port and a DNS name that will be used for accessing this Snow Inventory server.

  4. Select Add alternative address if you want to add additional base addresses for Snow Inventory Server. Every additional base address is represented by a separate tab in the

  5. Select Next.

  6. In the Gateway settings step:

    1. Enter a Forward address. This address is used to forward data to the Inventory server.

    2. If you want to use certificate authentication between the Gateway and the Master, select the Use client certificate for authentication with forward address check box and then select a certificate in the Client certificate list.

    3. Select the Use proxy settings for outgoing connections, if you want to use a proxy server to send data.

      1. Enter the host name of the proxy server in Proxy server host name.

      2. Select Use default credentials if you want to authenticate with the proxy server by using the same credentials as the Windows service that runs the Service gateway.

      3. If you do not select Use default credentials:

        1. Enter a User name.

        2. Enter a Password.

          Confirm the password.

  7. Select Next.

  8. In the Server Settings step:

    1. Enter the path to the Incoming folder where all inventory files will be received before they are forwarded to the Inventory Master Server, or select Browse.jpg to browse for the folder.

    2. Enter a Discovery site name. This site name will be used for the Inventory server and for all discovered devices.

  9. Select Next.

  10. A Summary of the configuration is presented.

  11. To create the Service Gateway instance according to the specified configuration, select Create.

  12. To return to a previous page and make changes, select WhiteButtonArrowLeft.jpg.