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Deploy Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner

You can deploy Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) via the Admin Console. For more information on SIOS, see Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner.


Snow Inventory Oracle Middleware Scanner, Snow Inventory Oracle Hardware Scanner, and Snow Inventory Java Scanner cannot be deployed via Snow Inventory Server Admin Console. For information on how to deploy each scanner, see: Deploy Snow Inventory Oracle Middleware Scanner, Deploy Snow Inventory Oracle Hardware Scanner, and Deploy Snow Inventory Java Scanner.


The sios.jar file and its accompanying SIGN file must be included in the deployment. When deploying SIOS to a computer with no previous SIOS installation, the agent configuration file, snowagent.config, must also be included.

The agent configuration file must include settings for the Oracle scan. You must create one configuration file for each operating system type for which you want to perform an Oracle scan. You can use an existing configuration for the operating system type as a template by copying it in the Snow Inventory Server Admin Console and make your settings in the Oracle section according to the description in Create a new configuration/Oracle. Export your new configuration to file and name it snowagent.config.

A Windows, Linux, or Unix agent must be installed on the computer, since SIOS requires the agent to transport the inventory data to the Snow Inventory Server. The sios.jar file must be placed in the same folder as the snowagent.exe file.


If the agent version on the computer is prior to 7.0.0 for Windows or Linux and prior to version 8.0.0 for Unix, the SIGN file is not required in the deployment.


To deploy Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner:

  1. Verify that the latest sios.jar file and its accompanying SIGN file has been downloaded to the Snow Inventory Server by Snow Update Service (SUS).

    If not, run SUS to download the latest version of SIOS.

    By default, the files are stored in the C:\ProgramData\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Resources\Agent folder in Snow Inventory Server.

  2. Follow the procedure described in Create a new agent update.

    On the Content page and in the Add support files section, add the sios.jar file and its accompanying SIGN file as new support files. If SIOS is being deployed for the first time, you must also add the snowagent.config file with Oracle settings as described in Prerequisites.

When the Create a new agent update procedure is finished the agent update is published. The targeted agents will automatically upgrade themselves the next time they connect to the Snow Inventory Server. You can follow the update progress in the Agent updates view of the Admin Console.