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About Snow Update Service

Snow Update Service (SUS) is a Windows service that enables automatic or manual updating of Snow products.

SUS can be used for installing updates for:

  • Snow Inventory

  • Snow License Manager

  • Snow Management and Configuration Center

  • Software Recognition Service

  • Automation Platform

The SUS service can run without any user interaction in the background, installing updates. The SUS graphical user interface can be used to configure settings.

SUS is automatically installed during the installation of Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory. The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow Update Service.

The service regularly looks for product updates at the central Snow Update Server, and downloads and installs update files. SUS also automatically downloads new or updated application recognition rules from the Software Recognition Service (SRS) database. If automatic uploading of SRS data is enabled, which is the default, the SRS update cycle also uploads unrecognized data to Snow for analysis.

SUS uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to download updates. If the CDN is not available at the time of download, the update files will be downloaded via the central Snow Update Server instead.

Web services

SUS uses the following web services in online mode:


    The web service is used to get and post information about software updates.


    The web service is mainly used for downloading updates.

The functionality of the first web service ( will gradually be transferred to the second (, which will eventually replace the first one entirely.

Online versus offline updates

SUS is by default configured to run online. There are two options for online updates:

Update online automatically - this is the recommended option and the default configuration. SUS will check for, and install, available updates regularly. The following default schedules are used for the respective products:

  • Snow Inventory, daily at 03:00

  • Snow Inventory Server, daily at 11:00

  • Snow License Manager, daily at 19:00

  • Snow Management and Configuration Center. daily at 19:00

  • Automation Platform, daily at 19:00

  • Software Recognition Service, daily at 20:00.

Update online manually - update alerts will not be displayed, but you can search for, download, and install updates manually, as described in Update products manually online and Update SRS manually online.

You can also install software and SRS updates offline, see Install updates offline.