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An organization structure enables analysis of software and hardware assets based on cost center or department. The organization structure is created in Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC).

The top-level of the company is normally registered as the legal organization; that is, the legal entity that owns software and hardware assets. If the organization has multiple legal entities, there can be multiple legal organization nodes. Nodes that are not legal, typically nodes further down in the organization hierarchy, are referred to as non-legal organization nodes.

All computers, devices, and users in Snow License Manager are attached to a node in the organization hierarchy. Licenses are always registered for a legal organization node, but can be allocated to the non-legal organization nodes.

Auto connect rules

Auto connect rules facilitates management of the organization by automatically assigning computers, devices, and users to the right place in the organization structure. This is achieved by defining one or several filters (rules), based on for example host name, IP address, or user name. Auto connect rules allows you to set up your organization structure once, with no need for further management. Auto connect rules are created in Snow MACC.

Auto connect rules are processed in falling sequence per node level. All nodes on one level will be processed first, then the nearest sub-node level will be processed.

The numbers indicate the order in which the Auto connect rules are applied.

Example 51.