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Add agreement


Oracle agreements are not described here. For instructions on how to add Oracle agreements, see Manage Oracle agreements.

To add an agreement, other than an Oracle agreement:

  1. On the Agreements menu, click Add agreement.

    The Add agreement view appears.

  2. Enter information in the fields on the tabs according to the following sections.

  3. Click Save.

General tab

Use the fields on the General tab to enter general information, for example agreement type and agreement number, on the agreement.


Depending on selected agreement type, available fields and options will vary.

  1. Select agreement Type from the list.

    To be able to attach licenses to the agreement, select Software agreement . All other agreement types are hardware related so it is not possible to attach a license. For more information about Agreement types, see Agreement.

  2. Type Agreement number and Agreement name according to the manufacturer.

    If the agreement has an Agreement number and Agreement name, then use those. However, if there is no unique number or specific agreement name, internally agree on a naming convention so it is done the same way by everyone within the organization.

  3. To automatically attach computers to the agreement (not available for Software agreements), select the Auto attach computers check box and select organization nodes from the list.

  4. For subscription agreements, select the Subscription agreement check box.


    The period of a Subscription agreement will override any Subscription period for licenses attached to the agreement if the Subscription agreements check box is selected. This impacts which licenses are included in the compliance calculation. If you wish to add a subscription period for each license instead then do not check this check box. You can still add expiration and renewal information.

  5. For software agreements with upgrade rights, select the Upgrade rights check box to specify that upgrade rights apply, and that each license manually added and connected to the agreement will have upgrade rights.

  6. To always have the agreement visible when you want to search for and attach agreements to license purchases, select Include in searches where license purchase date is outside of active period. The agreement will then be visible even if the agreement period has expired or has not yet started at the time of the license purchase date.

Agreement periods tab

Use the Agreement periods tab to specify start and end dates for the agreement. Note that agreement periods cannot overlap.

If the agreement is renewed check whether all licenses attached to the agreement are included in the renewal:

  • If the licenses are included in the renewal add the new agreement period to the existing agreement.

  • If the licenses are not included in the renewal do one of the following:

    • Create a new agreement for the renewal and attach the licenses covered by the renewal.

    • Add the new periods to the existing agreement but detach the licenses which are not covered by the new agreement.

To edit the detail on the Agreement periods tab:

  1. Click Add new period.

  2. Select dates from the Valid from and Valid to lists, and then click OK.

    The agreement period is added to the list.

Contact info tab

Use the Contact info tab to add contact information, for the contractor as well as for the agreement owner within your own organization:

Add contact information on Contractor, Contractor contact, and Local contact. If the agreement was signed with the application manufacturer add that manufacturer as Contractor. If the agreement was signed through a reseller, add the reseller as Contractor. The local contact is the agreement owner within the organization.

Alerts tab

Use the Alerts tab to specify if agreement expiration should give alerts on the Snowboard/Overview. 

  1. To activate agreement alerts, select the Activate alerts on and before agreement expiration check box.

  2. In the Renewal box AlertSetRenewal, type the number of days before expiration that this agreement needs to be renewed, or is automatically renewed as stated in the agreement.

    Example 7.

    If the actual renewal date is the end date of the agreement, type 0.

    If the renewal date is 3 months before the end date of the agreement, type 90.

  3. In the Warning box AlertSetWarning, type the number of days before expiration that an agreement alert will appear as a warning.

  4. In the Critical box AlertSetCritical), type the number of days before expiration that an agreement alert will appear as critical.

It is also possible to add email notifications to give alerts when an agreement is about to expire. For more information, see My notifications.

Description tab

Use the Description tab to add specific information related to the agreement, for example metrics, geographical restrictions and use rights. This will save time when adding licenses relating to the agreement as the key information will be easily visible, rather than having to search through the attached agreement document each time.

Read through the agreement and copy and paste or type the specific information in the white area of the tab.

Documents tab

Use the Documents tab to upload documents or add links related to the agreement. It is recommended to give the documents meaningful names to prevent having to open each document to see what it is.

Click Add document to upload documents or add links related to the agreement.

For more information, see Manage documents and links.

Custom information tab

Use the Custom information tab to enter information and values in the custom fields that are mandatory for the Agreement category.

For more information, see Enter custom field information.

Security tab

The Security tab is used to manage the security for the agreements, on an organization and role level. By attaching the agreement to one or more roles, the system will only make the agreement available to users attached to the specific role. For management of roles, refer to the User Guide for Snow Management and Configuration Center.

  • To limit access to the agreement on an organization level, select an organization node from the Organization access list and select the Restrict access according to organization setting check box.

  • To limit access to the agreement on a role level, select the Allow access to the following roles only check box and use the check boxes to the left to select the roles.