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Schedule automatic report generation

This feature enables you to set up automatic generation of reports that can be sent to an email recipient, or saved to a file location. Saving to a location enables third-party systems to import data about the computers, applications, and licenses in your network. Automatically generated reports can be saved in CSV, PDF, XLS/XLSX, or XML format.

  1. In the All reports view, click the Schedule ReportSchedule icon next to the report's name.

    The Schedule report dialog box appears.

  2. From this dialog, you can change the Name and Description fields for the scheduled report.

  3. Select the desired output file format from the Type dropdown, how often you want to generate a report under Recurrence, and when during the day from the Time dropdown.

  4. Select email or Disk under Delivery.

    Enter the email address where the report should be sent or pathname where it should be stored.

  5. To activate automated generation of the report check the Active checkbox. To simply save your scheduling settings, leave this checkbox clear. You can always edit these settings later to activate or deactivate a scheduled report.


    If the Active checkbox is unchecked, scheduled reports will not be created according to your settings.

  6. Click Save.