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Export report to file

A report can be exported to a file directly from the Reports view, which is especially useful when handling large reports. Also, reports can be exported from the Report details view.

A bonus when exporting to Microsoft Excel files (XLS/XLSX) is that standard Excel formulas for summaries, counts, etc. are used, instead of just showing the value.


Excel has a limitation of maximum 256 arguments in a formula. So, for formulas with more than 256 arguments, the value will be shown in the export file.

  1. In the All reports view, click the Download Download2.jpg icon next to the report to be exported.

    The Export to file dialog box appears.

  2. Optionally, change the Name and Description of the report.

  3. Select the Type of file to export to (CSV, PDF, XLS/XLSX, or XML) from the list.

  4. Click Save to export the file.

Show exported report files

To show a list of all exported files:

  • In the All reports view, select Report files.

To download, change or delete the report file, perform the actions in the following table.

Click the icon



Download the report file.


Change the name and/or description of the export file.


Delete the report file.

Export from report details view

  1. In the All reports view, click the name of the report to be viewed.

    The Report detail view appears.

  2. Click Show report.

  3. On the context menu, point to Export and then click the type of file to export to (CSV, PDF, XLS/XLSX, or XML).

    The exported report is available as a downloaded file in the web browser.

  4. Select to Save to export the file.