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The search functionality is based on the standard lists, but has filtering applied from start. Searches do not include all available columns within the specific category by default.

To start a search:

  1. Select type of operator and type the search string. Use % as a wildcard character.

  2. To add a new search criterion, select type from the bottom list and clickAddCriterion.

    Selected type is added to the list above.

  3. Click Search.

    Search is not activated until valid search strings and conditions have been entered.


Save searches

Filters and groupings that have been made in a search, regardless of category, can be saved for easy access and reuse later on. Searches are saved per user.

  • Select Save search from the context menu and type a name for the search.

Searches that have been saved can be selected from the Saved searches list. When a saved search is used, it will be applied on the current information in the database.