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Denylist application

An application on the system’s denylist is not approved for installation and usage in the IT environment. For more information on the application denylist and how to specify criteria and automation rules that result in a denylist of not approved applications, see Application denylist.

Add application to denylist

To add an application to the system’s denylist:

  1. Navigate to the application to be denylisted.

  2. On the context menu, click Denylist application, and then click OK.

    The warning message Denylisted is added to the application details view.

Remove application from denylist

  1. On the Home menu, click Administration.

    The Administration overview appears.

  2. Click Application denylist.

    The Application denylist appears.

  3. Find the application, click Remove RemoveWhite, and then click OK.