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Show report

To show the report contents:

  1. In the All reports view, click the name of the report.

    The Report detail view appears.

  2. Optionally, change the report criteria to create filters for the report according to Change report criteria.

  3. Click Show report.

    The report is generated with the currently displayed report criteria.

Change report criteria

Filtering reports is an ideal way to refine the amount of data running a report extracts from the system. In a Report detail view, create filters by adding conditions or groups of conditions in the Report criteria panel.

Hide/collapse this panel by selecting theCriteriaHide icon, and show/expand it by selecting theCriteriaShowicon.

Create refinement conditions by using the pre-populated dropdown menus. The contents of this menu depend on the report you are filtering and operators, such as like and not equals to in turn depend on whether you have selected a parameter that is text or a number. Boolean logic applies. For complex filtering create groups of conditions.




Add a new group of conditions.


Remove both the group and all conditions within that group.


Add a new condition, within or outside a group. You can also create nested conditions.


Remove a condition.

When applying operators, use % for wildcard characters.


To remove filtering:



Set default


This option applies to user-modified reports only. It does not apply to standard reports.

Sets the default for the report to the current conditions.


Reverts to the default filter. If no default has been set, all conditions will be cleared.


Removes all displayed conditions.

Save report

To save a user-modified report:

  1. In a Report detail view, on the context menu, click Save report.

    The Save report dialog box appears.

  2. Optionally, change the Name and Description for the report.

  3. Select Group name from the list, or type a new group name.

  4. To save this report as a new report, select the Save as new check box.

    If the check box is left cleared, the existing report will be replaced by this report.

    This check box is only available if the base report is a stock report.

  5. Click Save.

    The report will be available in the top section of the Reports view in the selected group or among the ungrouped reports.

Delete report

Note that users only can delete reports that they have created themselves (not Custom and Stock reports).

  • In the Reports view, click the Delete RemoveWhite icon for the report to be deleted.