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Microsoft License Statements (MLS)

Snow License Manager supports import of data directly from Microsoft License Statements (MLS). With a wizard-based import function you easily import all data from the License Agreements and Transaction data tabs in the MLS file into your SLM database.

During the MLS import, the agreements and licenses can either be linked to the root of the organization structure or to the different organization nodes in the structure. In the second case, the import tool has to be able to associate the company names found in the MLS source file to the organization nodes in the database. This association is managed by creating an alias for each company name appearing in Customer Name on Agreement column in the MLS file tab License Agreements.


An alias is case sensitive, meaning that if both COMPANY INC. and Company Inc. are available in the MLS file, two aliases have to be created. Aliases are created when adding/editing an organization node.

For more information on MLS imports, see MLS import.