Remove Cloud Accounts

When you remove a cloud account, you aren't deleting files or records of any VMs, hosts, datacenters, clusters, or resource pools. You're removing the cloud account from Commander only. In standard operations, this task is used rarely or never.


Views > Inventory

Available to:

Commander Roles of Superuser and Enterprise Admin

To remove a cloud account:

  1. Click the Infrastructure or Applications tab.
  2. From the Inventory tree, select the cloud account that you want to remove.
  3. On the Summary page, select Actions > Remove Cloud Account and click OK.

Re-add cloud accounts

If you re-add a cloud account after it was removed, make sure that you disable the Default Attributes Policy for the cloud account before you re-add it, and then re-enable the policy after the cloud account has been re-added. Otherwise, the Default Attributes policy overrides previously set expiry dates, and expiry groups.