Request Shared vCenter VMs

You can share exact copies of your vCenter VMs with other users and groups. This can be useful, for example, if you discover a defect with an application during testing. In this case, to speed up the resolution of the defect, you could share your exact VM configuration with all the users in your organization or with a specific developer.

VM sharing is supported only for vCenter VMs.

For more information on, see VM Sharing.

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Views > Service Requests

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

  1. In the Shared Service email that you received, click the hyperlink in the email.
    • If you didn't receive the Shared Service email, you can also manually go to the service catalog and request any shared services you have access to. For more information, see Request New Services.
    • If you click the link and a message indicates that the service is not available, see Troubleshoot why shared VMs are unavailable.
  2. If prompted, sign in to Commander (if you are not already signed in).
  3. On the Service Requests page, click Request New Service.
  4. On the Services page, for the service you want, click Add to Request to add a service.
  5. Complete the service request form that appears.

    The request process for a shared VM is the same as with any other new service request (workflows and automated provisioning settings apply to requests for shared VMs just as for any other new service request), the only exception is that because a shared VM is based on a snapshot, a requester can't change the CPU or memory resources.

  6. When you've completed the form, click Submit Request.

Troubleshoot why shared VMs are unavailable

If you can't request a shared VM, one or more of the following reasons may apply:

  • The service availability may have lapsed. Once the availability has lapsed, users can no longer request the service.
  • The service may have been deleted. An administrator may have deleted the service before its availability lapsed.
  • The VM wasn't assigned to the username you signed with. Or the VM wasn't assigned to the organization that you signed in to; in this case, if the user who shared the VM, it shared it with their organization, you must sign in as a member of that organization.

Service Portal users can also request a clone of one of their VMs. For more information, see Request VM Clones.