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Edit device settings

  1. Search for the device that you want to edit settings for.

  2. Perform one of the following actions:

    • Select the device, and then click Edit on the Edit tab.

    • Double-click the device, and then click Edit on the Overview tab.

      The settings for the device are displayed on the workbench according to the following table.

  3. Edit the settings.

  4. Click Save.

Table 9. The pages and settings on the Device workbench.





Device name, text message phone number, user and other basic information.

Not applicable


Manufacturer, model, serial number, and other hardware details.

Not applicable


Jailbreak status* and password lock information.

* Indicates if the device is jailbroken, but only if the app extension is installed and the device is jailbroken. Jailbreak status can only be “Yes” or “Unknown”.

On iOS devices, you can remove the password lock.

On Android, you can change the password.


Restrictions set on the device

Not applicable


Deployments added to the device.

Not applicable

iOS configuration profiles

Profiles installed on the device.

This page is only for iOS devices


Applications installed on the device.

Application displayed as “Managed” is installed via SDM and can be removed via SDM.


Certificates on the device.

Not applicable

Collaboration services

Synchronization information

Applies only to synchronization of email.


Operator network, cellular network and wireless network information.

Not applicable


Location based on GPS, cell tower information and/or WiFi information.

The location must be enabled in the Domain settings. For iOS devices, the Snow app must be installed on the device.

Custom data

PIN and PUK code, purchase date, monthly cost, and other information that must be added manually.

Contact the Snow Device Manager Support team to order custom data.


All registered actions for a device.

Not applicable

Lock device on iOS devices

  1. On the Security page, click Lock device.

    The Lock device dialog box appears.

  2. If you want to show a phone number and/or a message on the device, type an Optional phone number and/or message to display on lock screen.

    The device is locked. if the device has a passcode, it is locked with its own passcode.

Remove password lock on iOS devices

  • On the Security page, click Remove password lock, and then click OK to remove the password.

Set device lock on Android devices

  1. On the Security page, click Set device lock.

    The Lock device dialog box appears.

  2. Type a passcode for the device.

    The device is locked. The user can unlock the device by typing the passcode.

Change device user

  1. On the Overview page, select the new user in the User box.

  2. Click Save.

Edit user settings

  1. On the Overview page, click the User icon.

    The workbench of the user appears.

  2. Edit the settings according to Edit user settings.