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Make sure that the requirements listed in Snow System Requirements are fulfilled before continuing with the installation.


New installation

  1. To start the installation, run the SetupSIM.exe file.

  2. The Snow Integration Manager Setup wizard is started.

    Select Next.

  3. Read and accept the terms of the End User License Agreement.

    Select Next.

  4. In the Custom setup step, select which connectors to install, and select Location for the installation files.

    Select Next.

  5. In the Ready to install Snow Integration Manager step, select Install to start the installation.

  6. After the installation has been completed, select Finish to exit the Snow Integration Manager Setup wizard.


The settings of the active integration connectors are stored in the registry. They will be kept intact when SIM is uninstalled.

Uninstall the current version and install the new version

  1. Uninstall the existing version of Snow Integration Manager (or Snow External Data Provider) from the Control Panel in Windows.

  2. Install the new version of Snow Integration Manager.

    For details, see New installation.

Test the connectors

After installation, start Snow Integration Manager to test settings and aggregation of the connectors.

  1. Select the Inventory file handling tab.

  2. Verify the settings for the incoming folders.

    For details, see Local Inventory server.

  3. Select the Connector options tab.

  4. To test the settings for each Active connector:

    1. Select the connector name, and then select Settings.

    2. In the Properties dialog box, select Test connection.

    3. If applicable, select Clear Last Aggregation date.

    4. Close the Properties dialog box.

  5. To test aggregation for each Active connector:

    1. Select the connector name, and then select Aggregate selected.

      When the aggregation runs, the Aggregate selected button is blue.

    2. Wait until the aggregation is completed and the Aggregate selected button turns grey.

  6. After aggregation is completed, check the logs for any errors or exceptions.

    (by default in C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Logs\Snow Integration Manager)

  7. For each connector, verify that the correct Schedule is set.

Troubleshooting connectors

In case a connector fails to work, try to remove the connector, and then add, and configure it once again.

  1. Select the connector in the Active connectors list, and then select Remove

  2. Select the connector in the Available connectors list, and then select Add.

  3. In the Properties dialog box, configure the connector.

  4. Test the connector settings.

    For details, see Test the connectors.

  5. Test aggregation of the connector.

    For details, see Test the connectors.

If the connector still fails to work, also try to remove the registry entries for the connector. Do this after Step 1 in the procedure described above.

In case none of these actions makes the connector work, contact Snow support. Set Log level to ALL, run the connector, and send the resulting log file with a description of what was expected, and what actually happened. For details, see Logging.