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Manage user linking

Learn how to improve and manage linking of Adobe Creative Cloud users with Snow inventoried users in Snow License Manager.

Users are linked during the import of the Adobe Creative Cloud connector by matching the email addresses of inventoried Snow License Manager users with the Adobe user names from the Adobe Creative Cloud Portal. The best way to retain accurate user linking is to keep user email addresses up to date in the Adobe Creative Cloud portal.

Improve user linking with Active Directory user discovery

Use Active Directory user discovery to improve the automatic user linking and bring additional value to the Adobe Creative Cloud feature.

  • Enable Active Directory user discovery in the Snow Inventory Server to collect user data from Active Directory. The collected data is used to generate user objects in Snow License Manager so that they can be linked to the users from Adobe Creative Cloud portal data during imports. See Snow Inventory Server Admin Console for information on how to enable Active Directory user discovery.

Improve user linking through manual matching with Adobe user names

If Active Directory user discovery is not used to improve user linking, you can improve it by editing the email addresses of inventoried users through an import or manually.

  1. Create a list with the user names of the Snow License Manager users that you want to match with a corresponding Adobe Creative Cloud user.

    The Snow License Manager users are found in the All users report or in the List all users view.

  2. Add a column with the matching Adobe user name for each user.

  3. Import the data by updating the existing users according to Import data.

    At the Field mappings step, ensure that the Adobe user name field is mapped to the Email address field.

You can also manually edit the email address for users one by one, by entering the Adobe user name in E-mail for the user. See Edit users for more information.

Link users manually

When you have Adobe Creative Cloud users that cannot be automatically linked with Snow inventoried users, you can instead link them manually based on suggested matches and searches on the Link users page.


One Adobe account can be linked to several Snow inventoried users.

  1. In the Adobe Creative Cloud navigation bar, select Link users.

  2. On the Users to link tab, review the suggested matches in the table.

    The table rows show Adobe users and any suggested Link options to Snow inventoried users. The link options can be inventoried user names, full names, or email addresses.

  3. Select the rows for the Adobe users you want to link.

  4. Optionally, in the Link options column, change the suggested matches or add more users to be linked.

    • To add a user:

      1. In the Link options column, start typing a user name, full name, or email address. The search results appear as you enter text.

      2. Select the user to link.

      3. Repeat to add more users.

    • To remove a user, select the remove icon for that user.

  5. To review the user linking, select Preview.

    • To add or remove users in the Link options column, see Step 4.

    • To remove a user linking completely, select the trach can icon for that Adobe user.

  6. To confirm the user linking, select Save.

Edit manual user linking

To edit or remove a manual user linking, do the following:

  1. In the Adobe Creative Cloud navigation bar, select Link users.

  2. On the Linked users tab, do one of the following:

    • To add or remove users in the Link options column, see Link users manually Step 4, and then select the save icon.

    • To remove a user linking completely, select the trash can icon for that Adobe user. This unlinks the user accounts and the Adobe user is moved to the Users to link tab.

Improve search time when linking users manually


This can only be performed by the system administrator.

In Snow License Manager, the Snow Software SLM Cache Server Service caches data on Snow inventoried users. For this purpose, there is a EnableCachingUsers setting in the appsettings.json file of the service. This setting is enabled by default.

To reduce the search time when you want to manually link Snow inventoried users to Adobe Creative Cloud users, you can use the cached information instead of the real-time information in the Snow License Manager database. When you run a search against the cached information, you get a faster response. However, the cache is only updated automatically once a day so you will not see more recent changes without manually refreshing the cache.

To enable searches against the cached information, do the following:

  1. Stop the SnowLicenseManagerAdobeCCBFF service.

  2. Navigate to and open the appsettings.json file located in C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\AdobeCCBFF.

  3. Change SlmUsersFilteringSource to MongoDB.

    The default value is SLMDatabase.

  4. Optionally, change PageSizeUsersBySearchTerm.

    The property defines the maximum number of fetched Snow License Manager users that can be returned in the response. The default value is 100.

  5. Save the changes in the appsettings.json file.

  6. Start the SnowLicenseManagerAdobeCCBFF service.

  7. Stop the SnowCacheServer service.

  8. Navigate to and open the appsettings.json file located in C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\CacheServer.

  9. Verify that EnableCachingUsers is set to true.

  10. Optionally, under CachingSchedule, change the Interval and StartDateTime for the scheduled refresh of the cache.

  11. Save any changes in the appsettings.json file.

  12. Start the SnowCacheServer service.